Finished projects

Protection of the Important plant area Besapara hills

The main directions of the project included the following activities:
  • Revision and modernization of the data for the spreading of the list of the rare species as a consequence of which were prepared alphabetic and systematic list of the supreme plants settled on the “Besaparski ridove”, based on literature data, and as a result of the investigations of the area on the project. Systematic and phyto-geographic analysises were done as well as was the conservational significance of the determined supreme species was defined.
  • A list of 61 prior species of supreme plants for mapping was prepared. On the basis of it a working plan was made for the field examinations for mapping their deposits.
  • Development of figure model of the mapped deposits of 26 conservational valuable plant species and 2 types of habitats. Range and frontiers of IPP “Besaparski ridove”, with area of about 4035 ha were suggested. Maps of the deposits have been prepared as well as maps of the suggested areas of IPP “Besaparski ridove”.
  • Preparation of the documentation for widening the protected area “Ognjanovo - Sinitevski rid” on 859,8443 ha-1
  • Analyses of the possibilities for botanical, ecological and village tourism as well as preparation of a report. A seminar has been hold for presenting the results of these analyses and for acquaintance with the region of the tour-operators.
  • Analysis for the possibilities for the use of agro-ecological schemes in the region of FIP “Besaparski ridove” and the elaboration of pilot schemes for the private proprietors.
  • Informational seminar was organized in cooperation with BAPB. On the seminar presented attended local farmers, majors and administration for the popularization of the agro-ecological limits with the participation of experts from MAF.