Trans boundary Forum for Osogovo in the Green Belt

The aim of the Forum is to acquaint participants with the results of five years of successful implementation of cross-border project in the Green Belt Osogovo, carried out by Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation and the Macedonian Ecological Society, with financial support from the Frankfurt Zoological Society - Germany, Pro Natura - Switzerland. Besides sharing the achievements of the project, the Forum will serve as a space for discussion on future opportunities for joint work towards cross-border cooperation in the field of biodiversity conservation, protected areas management and sustainable development of local communities.
Forum program will include presentations on national and international significance of Osogovo - legislation and initiatives to benefit cross-border biodiversity conservation principles, benefits and examples of Biosphere Reserves of UNESCO, as well as discussion on the feasibility of establishing trans-boundary protected area in Osogovo.

Participants in the Forum will have the opportunity to visit one of the majestic peaks of Osogovo - Sultan Tekke and see cultural attraction - the monastery Joakim Osogovski.