SaveGREEN - The Power of Nature: An Introduction to Green Infrastructure

This is the first in a series of articles focusing on green infrastructure (GI) and how its various applications can help tackle the biodiversity crisis in Central and Eastern Europe. We also explain how the SaveGREEN project promotes good GI practices and better ways to design mitigation measures so that they can work adequately and in conjunction...

SaveGREEN - World Biodiversity Day!

On Saturday, 22 May, SaveGREEN joined millions of people around the world in celebration of World Biodiversity Day, this year under the slogan “We’re part of the solution #ForNature”. This year’s Biodiversity Day is particularly important as the global community is on the verge of adopting a new post-2020 Global Biodiversit...

SaveGREEN - Funding Green Infrastructure (at all costs)

With ecological corridors in the Danube region currently threatened by the lack of proper planning of economic development activities, the need to fund interventions in line with the standards of green infrastructure is critical. Thus, the SaveGREEN project just proposed a new set of general recommendations for funding interventions that promote...
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