Changes in BBF Management

To BBF is important to achieve our mission and goals in the best way and our organisation sturucture is set to contribute fully to this. In an effort to build one "more perfect" organisational structure than the present one, which to detect the changes in the external environment, in the organisational culture, human factor, available recources and etc in May 2009 we created an Executive Bureau, which describes best our management style.
The purpose of the Bureau is to improve the management and coordination of the organization and provide collective and transparent decision taking. Executive Office includes the Executive Director, the coordinators of the thematic directions and branch managers (BBF has four thematic groups and four legally registered branches - Strandzha, Kaliakra, Eastern Rhodopes and Belasitza).

At the present moment members of the Executive Bureau are:
  • Executive Director - Rumyana Ivanova
  • Green Belt and Natura 2000 Coordinator, Branch Manager of Kaliakra - Petko Tsvetkov
  • PR specialist, Branch Manager of Strandja - Radostina Tzenova
  • Campaign Coordinator - Yordanka Dineva
  • Project Coordinator - Dessislava Zhivkova
  • Protected Areas and Species Coordinator - Stefan Avramov
Throughout the process of establishing the role and the methods of work of the Executive Bureau we received the immense assistance of the English specialist on organizational development Donald Richie (long-standing director of Friends of the Earth - United Kingdom), recommended to us by our colleagues from Pro Natura Switzerland.