Check-ups for protected species in Nessebar, Ravda

The hunt of bears and the possession of bear hides is banned, An exception can be made only when there is a meat-eating bear and its assassination is permitted by a committee. In rear cases like this the man/woman who assassinated the animal pays a considerable amount of money for that right and gets permition to possess the bear’s hide. Authorizations like this are determined with couple of documents licensed by the MEWB (Ministry of Environment and Water of Bulgaria). The owners of the public house in Nessebar didn’t have such documents. The bear hide was possessed and exposed in breaking the low and it was confiscated.

For the statements would be published punitive ordinance. The fines for exposing and possession of preserved animal species range between 100lv to 5 000lv for physical persons and between 500lv and 10 000lv for juridical persons. Simultaneously, the Penal Code stipulates that if someone destroy, catch, detain or sell an exemplar from European or world-protected wild vertebrates without the license needed for that, will be impose a penalty on imprisonment for five years as well as a fine range between 1 000lv and 5 000lv and the compensation for the caused damages.