World Wetlands Day for Tourism

The World Wetlands Day theme for 2012 is Wetlands and Tourism and is linked to the theme for the next meeting of the Conference of the Parties, COP11: Wetlands, Tourism and Recreation, which will take place in July 2012, in Bucharest, Romania.
Wetland tourism has benefits both locally and nationally for people and wildlife – benefits such as stronger economies, sustainable livelihoods, healthy people and thriving ecosystems. At least 35% of Ramsar Sites around the world record some level of tourism activity and this percentage is consistent throughout all regions. Of course it is important to consider tourism in all wetlands – not just those designated as Ramsar Sites – since the Contracting Parties to the Convention are committed to managing all wetlands.

Disclaimer of the main arguments of CEDB about the amendments in the Forestry Law, which will lead to illegal state aid


State changes a law to legalise the illegal use of 650 acre in Bansko Ski Zone


New BBF office in Sofia

From today - February 1, 2012 BBF has a new address in Sofia - 41 Veslets Str., floor 4th.
So now we have a more strategic position - between the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Regional Development, between Maria Luisa Blvd., and Methodius Str. and Pop Bogomil Str. Our office is bright and welcoming. If you want to visit us - we expect your flowers and gifts:)

Unfortunately it is possible to have problems with the mail server for few days until it is physically moving, for which please to excuse us and use our alternate e-mail:

Hope to see you soon!

Forest can't speak! Let us shout instead of them! Again!


BBF gives a special award in Shoot! Don't kill! Competition


Planiniada for Vitosha Mountain will be held on 22nd of January


Dnevnik Newsletter will follow two of "our" Chamois


State speaks the language of the oligarchy for the amendments in the Forestry Act


Protest in front of the National Assembly for Vitosha will be made on 11th of January - 1 p.m.