Training for youths for monitoring and advocacy through utilization of spatial data is going to start

Beside presentations, during the three day training lectures from the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, the Norwegian Environment Agency,  the Bulgarian Executive Environment Agency and the Coalition “For The Nature” have prepared interesting practical exercise, that will demonstrate the importance of the civic monitoring and advocacy when forming and applying policies and related measured and decisions.


The opening of the exhibition took place in the office building of Lake Kerkini Management Authority, village of Kerkini, Greece on 1st April 2014. The photos will be exhibited until 31st of May.
The exhibition contains 45 images of the Mountain made in three different countries – Bulgaria, Greece and FYR Macedonia. The photographs are chosen among the ones participating in The Incredible Belasitsa Photo Contest in the frame of the project: “Belasitsa beyond Borders – Transboundary Cooperation along the Balkan Green Belt” held from September 2013 to October 2013.

The recruitment of participants for the “Training for youths for monitoring and advocacy through utilization of spatial data” part of the GIS project has started

Part of the themes that will be covered by the training include: Role, importance and forms of civic monitoring and advocacy for the process of policy and decision making; Nature  protection in Bulgaria, Acts and regulations for nature protection; How to react when a violation of an act/regulation is found; Rights for information access; Examples for civic initiatives and advocacy and how they influence on policy measure; Presenting the Norwegian experience: The role of the Norwegian society for nature protection; Involvement of stakeholders in nature protection; Role of the Norwegian NGOs; Possibilities for utilization and access to data bases for the needs of nature protection; Campaigns and advocacy; Methods for evaluation of the values of biodiversity and linking it with the economics  and with the decision and policy making process.

Theme: Presentation of the GIS project – Green citizens, Information systems, Saved nature

02.04.2014 (Wednesday) start: 18:30, hall 163, of the Biology Faculty of the Sofia university „St. Kliment Ohridski”
Presenters: Peter Todorov and Tanya Georgieva Schnell
Do you know what GIS mean?
Do you know what is hidden behind the terms civic monitoring and advocacy for sustainable development policies?
Do you know what is the link between a big amount of spatial data, web-based GIS platform and active citizens?
And do you know what is happening in Norway?
If you want to find the answers of all these questions you are welcome to the presentation that is going to happened on 02.04.2014 (Wednesday) at 18:30 in hall 163 of the Sofia university „St. Kliment Ohridski, where part of the team of the latest BBF project in cooperation with the Norwegian Environmental Agency will explain what is the link between – Green citizens, Information systems, Saved nature

New BBF project with benefits for the civil society and the nature is starting

Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation and the Norwegian Environmental Agency are partners in a new project, which is going to be in favour of the civic society and the nature protection in Bulgaria
In February 2014, the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation (BBF) has started a new project, bearing the long title “Building Capacity of Non-governmental Organizations, Youths and Citizens for Use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Strengthening the Monitoring Skills and Advocacy of Policies for Regional Sustainable Development”. The project is financed under the NGO Program in Bulgaria under the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014.