The Emergency Fund in 2020

The time has come when every bit of land we protect, every species removed from the red lists, every preserved forest and valuable habitat, all these depends on our joint efforts!
That is why we from the Biodiversity Foundation have created an "Emergency Fund" through which to respond to the need for urgent action to solve "hot" environmental problems in Bulgaria. So far, it has supported a number of emblematic rescue operations related to Irakli beach, the Forest Act and the establishment of the European Natura 2000 network, conducting important court cases for Pirin, Strandzha and others.
Even if you do not have the time or physical ability to participate in environmental actions, through our Biodiversity Emergency Fund you can become a defender of Bulgarian nature online - from home, from work and even from abroad!
By donating you become part of a community united around the dream of preserved and wild nature, the dream of a clean and healthy environment for all!
The funds from the Biodiversity Emergency Fund will be used responsibly and transparently for:
  • solving "hot" environmental problems - man-made disasters such as fires, floods, etc., local environmental disasters, excessive use of natural resources;
  • protection of protected areas and creation of mechanisms for wide public participation in their management;
  • court costs related to the cases conducted by the BBF;
  • purchase of valuable natural areas in which habitats are at risk;
  • protection of conservation-significant ecosystems;
  • environmental education, adapted to the needs of different age groups;
  • nature protection activities in the Atanasovsko Lake Maintained Reserve and Natura 2000 zone.
Support us while you shopping - 50% of the profits of all products in our online store go directly to the Biodiversity Emergency Fund. Thus, in addition to acquiring quality Bulgarian products, you also help protect the Bulgarian nature: