Red deer

Threats and limiting factors

Threats and limiting factors
The natural enemies of red deer are predators. In Bulgaria these are wolves, jackals and stray dogs. To protect from them the most vulnerable members of the species - the small ones, the hinds move in large herds, led by the oldest and most experienced hind. Both male and female prefer to use their sharp hooves for weapons. Their hard and well-pointed edges are often enough to seriously injure and repel their attackers. The red deer is also gifted with great agility and speed - it can ably jump obstacles over 2 meters long, and as an excellent swimmer, it swims rivers and lakes with ease. That is why not predators, but poachers are the main threat to the species.

Poaching is the biggest threat to this majestic species and the reason for its extinction from many places in Bulgaria. Both in the past and nowadays, red deer are persecuted for their beautiful antlers and delicious meat. Although it is a hunting object, its hunting is allowed only from September 1 to January 31 - for males and from October 1 to December 31 - for females. Its hunting is prohibited all year round in our national parks. Therefore, if you see poachers who violate these prohibitions, immediately call 112.

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