Two-day training course "Forest certification and forests with high conservation value" in Kyustendil

At the end of January, Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation held a two-day training course "Forest certification and forests with high conservation value" in Kyustendil. The course was part of the implementation of the project “Supporting a Sustainable Future for People and Nature in Osogovo Mountain”. The training included numerous practical exercises, which were designed to build on the knowledge of the representatives of forestry and hunting units of Nevestino, Osogovo and Kyustendil as well as Kyustendil Regional Forestry Directorate for forest certification and forests with high conservation value(FHCV).
In addition to the mentioned forestries, representatives of the Southwestern State Enterprise Blagoevgrad , as well as of the Yakoruda and Dikchan State Forestry Units also took part in the training and shared their experience as operating certified forestries.

The topics, covered during the training included: benefits and challenges related to forest certification; practical dimensions of forest certification and stakeholder involvement as well as a practical demonstration how the utilization of GIS can support and facilitate the process of compliance with the requirements of the forest certification. The event was attended by more than 30 participants.

The participants of the training shared that the topics and exercises covered during the 2 day course helped them to improve their understanding of forest certification and FHCV and their utilization as tools for sustainable forest management in Osogovo region.